• True healing unites the body, mind, and spirit

    I weave psychological insights with spiritual understanding and practices to help you connect to your authentic inner voice. Together we will listen and trace the way you’ve been conditioned to think, feel, and react. I will invite you to practice change, guiding you back to your heart.

  • About Tess Amidan, PhD.

    Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science

    Tess Amidan

    Body, Mind and Spirit

    My approach is integrative and holistic. I understand the energy system of the human body and the connection of various emotional states to the physical body. I can translate aches and pains, emotional and physical alike, to a language that we can understand and work with as an integral part of your healing process. Through that process I am teaching you this language that your body speaks to get your attention to what needs to be addressed.


    My clinical experience has included people of all ages and identities, as well as a variety of personal and relational challenges. I know to respect your pace and space and invite the shift rather than push for it. The choice is yours and I am with you by your side.


    Mainstream & Alternative Education

    • 2015 - Bioenergy Balancing Practitioner
    • 2014 - Clinical Psychology, PhD
    • 2014 - Scent Priestess with the Emerald Temple
    • 2013- 13 Moon Mystery School, Affiliation
    • 2011 - Shamanic Practitioner
    • 2008 - Clinical Psychology, MA
    • 1988 - Social Studies, BA
  • Weaving the Path of Healing

    Remembering who you are begins by noticing. Our work together will explore your physical, emotional and energetic layers. We will uncover blockages in the form of thoughts, tensions or relationship issues. When you see clearly, you can come to life.

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    Personal growth is an essential process to all, with a traumatic event or without. One does not need to have or wait for a clinical diagnosis to engage in personal growth. We all have challenges and might feel confusion and discomfort at times.


    This is the language of healing as our internal map is showing us where to look. Any context that creates discomfort is an opportunity for growth and change as we practice and teach our bodies something different. Awareness is key, as are the energies of love and acceptance to all that is.

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    Certain life events are so potent that they transform us forever. If you’ve experienced trauma, major change or an expanded consciousness experience, integration is vital.


    Together, we will bring your new understanding of self and reality back to the present moment. This process can be incredibly grounding for those who have a history of feeling split between two worlds. The result of this work is resilience, growth and acceptance of your multifaceted nature.

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    In a session we will be tracking how your body, mind and spirit work together as we discuss the events of your life. This deep exploration of energy is an invitation to engage with your body’s consciousness. This process can shed light on emotional challenges and invite you to understand how thoughts, emotions and memories translate to energy.


    We can explore how your energy might be held in the body and how you can navigate energy, emotions and physical cues to maintain balance.

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    Plant Medicine

    The essential oil blends that come through me are an extension of the way that I see and hold the healing process. They come to me as downloads of recipes, subtle and gentle yet relentless in bringing up what must be seen and felt. A soft invitation when you are ready for one. They weave the magic and wisdom of plants. The light frequency that they carry floods unconscious shadow material to the surface. They support any of the different other plant medicine journeys currently available, and the essential path of integration that follows.

  • Temple Oils

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    What are Temple Oils?

    Essential oils have always fascinated me. During my studies as a Scent Priestess, I began intuitively receiving a flood of recipes for oil blends. There was a particular feeling that came with each one—a knowledge of how to formulate them and how they could heal. To this day, they continue to emerge.


    As I was connecting with each blend’s etheric signature I could clearly see their unique individual healing potential. My own first experiments with them proved how transformational they were. They are Codes of Light, reminding us who we really are beyond the ego's narrative.


    This unveiling is now available to you. Codes of Light are perfect aids for shamanic journeying, spiritual retreats or meditation. Used daily, they encourage the transformational process and provide continuous support.

  • Temple Oils Shop

    Oils can be used for deep release and connection to the divine. These anointing oils, called Codes of Light, were transmitted to me and are blended with specific intentions for deep transformation and healing. They are organic, sustainable and ethically sourced. I trust they'll bring you great joy and healing. Browse the products and see what is resonating with your body's needs!

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  • Testimonials

    CM, California

    “I’ve worked with Tess for several years now. She goes beneath the surface. Tess has helped me come out of my shell and into my wholeness. She holds a safe, clear space to explore within.”

    JC, California

    "Reviving ancient sacred feminine practices, combining her wondrous talents, Tess’ Sacred Anointing Ceremony was a magical, profound, soul-shifting experience for me.


    I came away feeling calm, expanded, revitalized and rebalanced in body, mind and spirit. New revelations linking current physical sensations with past emotional trauma are continuing to surface and heal one month out.


    There’s a feeling I’m IN my body like never before, with a sense of tremendous ongoing healing on the physical and the subtler planes. A broader clarity has installed itself which feels like I’m often flying with Hawk. What a blessing to be experiencing feelings of freedom and expansion during this time of great change and uncertainty.


    Much Gratitude to Tess for sharing this new expression of love with us."

    TS, California

    "In 2018, nearing the age of 50, I found myself in Tess’s office, overwhelmed with the realization that the whole of my life had been undergirded by previously undiagnosed PTSD and an accompanying rage against existence.


    Professionally, I’d unwittingly landed myself in a toxic work environment . . . because trauma needs trauma. And personally, I was at the end of my emotional rope with the world at large. I did not see how or why I should continue trying to navigate humanity’s hopeless absurdity, depressing self-centeredness, and dangerous incompetence.


    Which is to say, life was looking and feeling pretty grim.


    I’d already done decades of self-exploration, recovery and wellness work to get past addiction, codependency and depression for some semblance of a functional adulthood. At 50, I simply could not accept that I might spend another 5-15 years of my life trying to disentangle myself from PTSD. Unlike previous challenges, this beast felt fused into the very bones of my being. I knew I needed an exponential shock to my system, and it was with that mindset that I went in search of the mental health care that led me to Tess.


    The deep expertise, empathy and intuition that Tess brings to her holistic healing fundamentally transformed my consciousness and changed my life. She held space for my rage in the beginning. She guided me through journeys to expand and mature my heart, mind and spirit. And she expertly worked with me to integrate transformative insights into my day-to-day life.


    My work with Tess has resulted in profoundly positive effects. I have no doubt the 2 years’ of work we’ve done would have taken me 5 or more years without Tess, and even then, I don’t know that I’d be operating with the depth of spirit and connection that I now have with myself, with humanity, and with the universe at large. Rather than perpetually slogging through PTSD, I find myself living in peace, possibility and joy.


    If you are in pain, afraid, hopeless, doubtful, enraged, in despair, in trauma, Tess can help you heal. If you are curious, open, willing, in wonder, Tess can help you grow. Work with her seriously, and you’ll never be the same."

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